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Embrace the modern Internet with the best featured code for your online, or brick and mortar business.

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Fast Deployment
Apps and plugins are pre-coded and ready to add on to any project.
Cloud Based Technology
Cloud based software. It is constantly updated and improved.
Proven Ecosystem
All Apps and plugin are developed and rigorously tested in-house.
Custom Apps
Get access to custom apps and plugins that fit your business needs. You can choose a free development plan.
APIs Available
Connect your external applications with our REST API.
Scalable Architecture
Scale up to meet increased work loads.

Content Management Out of The Box

Every tool comes with content management dashboard for easy update and maintenance. Also a filler for a convenient image and documents administration.

Crafted Apps and Plugins

Every app has been crafty coded and tested before entering in production. And it's in continuous improvement incorporating new features in beneficials for everyone. New apps and plugins are constantly incorporated to the app base.


VexApp Plans

Choose a plan to start, you can always change your plan during the subscription.

$34 /mo

  • Weekly Backup
  • Full Stack Memory 15 Gb
  • Transfer 500 Gb /Mo
  • Full Stack Memory 1 Gb
  • Dedicated CPU 1
  • Free Business Email 1

$79 /mo

  • Weekly Backup
  • Full Stack Space 50 Gb
  • Transfer 2 Tb /Mo
  • Full Stack Memory 2 Gb
  • Dedicated CPU 2
  • Free Business Email 2

Business Special
$249 /mo

  • Weekly Backup
  • Full Stack Space 120 Gb
  • Transfer 4 Tb /Mo
  • Full Stack Memory 8 Gb
  • Dedicated CPU 4
  • Free Business Email 3


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